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The “Tenuta Volta del Tagliamento”, owned by F.lli Simeoni, is situated along the river Tagliamento, in the area named “Gorgo di Latisana”, and protected by the river banks. It consists of 90 Hectares of land of alluvial origin, ideal for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees. Chronicles from the end of 19th century already praised the fertility and quality of this land, “unique” for its environmental and faunistic features.

In the seventies, the land became a property of the family Simeoni family which. Over the years, and in the form of “Azienda Agricola F.lli Simeoni”, the company increased the cultivation of fruit trees, especially pear trees, becoming a model for other retailers and becoming the first “Eurepgap” company in Friuli.

Such certification is highly demanded on the European distribution market, being able to respond to the growing consumers’ interest on possible impacts of agricultural activities on food health.

In conclusion, while this short presentation aims only at providing an overall picture of the Simeoni Company, and while it does not claim to be exhaustive, we here want to emphasize what we hold to be its strongest feature: its family management! This is certainly the key to understanding the success and achievements of the company over the years, during which the both the owners and their children worked closely together, confirming “Guarantee in Continuity”.


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